Find out the top causes for back pain
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Top 3 causes of Back Pain

Lower back pain is an increasingly common problem. In fact, four
out of five Americans will experience lower back pain at least once in their lifetime.

Properly training the lower back involves selecting the right exercises to work this area and using good technique to make sure
that you are getting the most out of the movement. Listed below
are three important risk factors that may be causing pain in your
lower back.

1. Muscle imbalances

Nearly every ache, pain, or injury people suffer from today are mostly caused from muscular imbalances.

Over 80% of people have muscle imbalances that go undetected.
Over time, these muscle imbalances will cause numerous muscle and
joint problems such as wear and tear on the joints, which
eventually leads to arthritis, bulging disc or back spasms. An
imbalanced muscle is a weak muscle. These weak muscles cannot
stabilize the joint in its socket causing the joint to become
misaligned and move at a slightly incorrect angle or rotation.

When these faulty movements are repeated hundreds of times, the
joints, tendons and muscles begin to degenerate.

2. Poor posture

Today's diverse clientele with varied needs offers a unique challenge to health and fitness professionals.

The one-size-fits-all approach to exercise programs is commonly
unproductive and potentially dangerous. Many injuries and chronic
back pain is a result of cumulative affects overtime.

Faulty postures and poor body mechanics will cause lower back
pain and be at least partially attributed to these same faults.
Improper movements will cause micro trauma to the joints and soft
tissues. You may experience pain initially maybe pain comes and
goes and doesn't get much attention but overtime the problem
worsens and aching, pain, or stiffness begins more frequently.

Until you correct the problem not just the symptom your back will
be prone to injury or re-injury. The problem (muscle imbalances)
the symptoms (poor posture) the solution (Muscle Activation

3. Not enough exercise

Inactivity can cause our muscles to shrink and lose strength. This is a natural process, but living an inactive lifestyle (no exercise) will accelerate the loss.

Physical inactivity causes an average muscle loss of 5-7 pounds
per decade. Strength training is a simple concept it involves
briefly working your muscles, on a regular basis, a little more
than they are accustomed to working.

This causes your muscles to become stronger and more toned. Also,
your tendons, ligaments and bones will be strengthened. This
strengthening will make your joints more stable and less prone to
injury. Everyday tasks will become easier, such as picking up
grocery bags or grandchildren, getting up from a low sofa orgoing up stairs.

A Call to Action

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) combined with the corrective
exercise program is critical for combating muscle, joint and lower back pain, for increasing strength, mobility, stability and for staying active and self-sufficient. Research has consistently shown the fitness and health benefits of MAT Therapy and strength training for injury prevention and recovery.

You don't have to live with lower back pain or any pain for that
matter! You can control pain or even reverse it with MAT
Techniques and strength training---it will have a great impact on the quality of your life.

Rich Lauro is a certified Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) therapist and one of the industries top fitness experts. To learn
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