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Buy your pain relief products quickly through our online selection of natural herbal pain relief patches, pain relief creams and rubs.

Medicated Pain Relief Patches/Plasters
For fast and immediate pain relief, we recommend herbal medicated patches. These patches can be applied both for immediate pain relief and over a sustained period of time for chronic pain relief. The medication on the patch works immediately, and by controlled dispersion of the medication, provides therapeutic action on the affected area. These plasters are suitable for neck and shoulder pain, back pain, arthritis, knee pain, albow pain, calf pain, muscle ache and ankle pain.

tiger balm plaster

Tiger Balm Medicated Plasters
Quick permeating action provides immediate and speedy relief of muscular fatique, muscular pain, stiff shoulders, contusion, sprain, backache and arthritic pain. Apply directly on affected area.

Have a chronic headache or migraine? Cut a few small pieces and apply to the front and back of your head. Feel the pain disappear soon!

Tiger Balm pain relief patches and ointment has been a best seller in Asia for the last 5 decades and can be found in most homes in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma and Indonesia.
Qty: Pack of 2 (Total 6 plasters)
Price: US$9.00
Product of Singapore

Shaolin herbal patch

Act-Q-Patch Medicated Plasters
Based on traditional Shaolin monks herbal formula. Provides fast and sustained relief for aches, stiffness, and to muscle and joints associated with backache, arthritic pains, sprains, bruises and swellings.

Apply directly to affected area. Popular with gymnasts, sportsmen and martial arts practitioners for training and sporting injuries and pain.
SN: BPR0002
Qty: Box of 1 (5 plasters)
Price: US$8.99
Product of Singapore

pain relief medicated patches

Japanese Medical Plasters
This plaster is especially effective for rheumatism and arthritis. Also effective for aches and bruises from sporting and training injuries and ache. Effective and long lasting pain relief effects.

The large plaster size can cover an entire affected calf or shoulder but can also be easily cut up for localised pain area. One of the cheapest pain relief patches on the internet.
Qty: Box of 1 (5 plasters)
Price: US$5.60
Product of Japan

Pain relief Herbal Ointments/Creams
For pain such as chronic headache, giddiness, insect bites, muscle ache, we recommend ointments or creams such as Ammeltz Yoko Yoko, Tiger Balm Ointment and Axe brand oil. These herbal ointments have been used for many generations in Asia and are especially suitable for children, women and people who may be adversed to medical plasters. These herbal ointments are so effective that it is not uncommon to find them in every lady's handbag in Asia - including China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Apply herbal oitment

(There is another cheaper version
being sold that has a strong herbal
smell which some children
may dislike.)
*Shipped via sea only.

Ammeltz Yoko Yoko
Provides fast relief for stiffness of shoulders, muscular pain, low back ache, bruises, sprains and joint pain. Use the rubber applicator and apply directly onto affected part. Easy to self-apply and very effective pain reliever. (Little or no herbal smell)

Definitely the right analgesic item if you suffer from any form of pain! Popular with children because it can be easily applied and with ladies who may be suffering from menstrual pain or leg cramps.
Qty: Box of 1 (46ml)
Price: US$7.50
Product of Japan

Tiger balm oitment

*Shipped via sea only.

Tiger Balm Ointment/Cream
Extremely popular and trusted for many generations in Asia. Suitable for chronic headaches, giddiness, insect bites and muscle ache. Apply directly onto affected part using finger to ensure it penetrates deeper into the body. (Pleasant herbal smell).

Keep a bottle in your handbag or at home. Extremely useful for headaches and giddiness.
SN: BPR0004
Qty: Two(2) bottles (10g each)
Price: US$3.99
Product of Thailand

Detox Patches
For those seeking a health management plan, we recommend that everyone should practize a toxin detoxification process. There are toxins in the air we breathe and the food that we eat everyday. It is not possible to rid our bodies of these toxins and these toxins remain in our bodies.

Everyday, thousands of people undergo expensive and sometimes dangerous detox procedures in order to become healthier. The Chinese and Japanese has a much safer and effective detox procedure - Detox Foot Patches. We recommend and we use these detox patches ourselves personally. (Read article)

trial detox foot patches

(4-piece detox patches trial set. Use for two days)

Nutriwork Herbal Detox Patches
Detox patches has been in used in China and Japan for many centuries. The ancient Chinese had discovered that certain tree saps applied against the foot sole were able to draw toxins out of the body thus leading to a healthier and less 'poisoned' body.

The sample pack includes 4 detox foot patches so that anyone can try out the effectiveness of detox foot patches before deciding on buying the full pack. An affordable and cheap entry price for your first trial into the healthy world of foot detoxification.
SN: BPR0005-1
Qty: 4 Piece Trial Patches
Price: US$7.49
Product of Hong Kong

detox foot patch

Nutriwork Herbal Detox Patches
Fast acting herbal ingredients is effective for joint pains and bloatedness and will improve circulation and assist in toxin detoxification. Apply plaster onto affected part for pain relief or onto foot sole for detoxification effect. (See Article for more information about detoxification).

Nutriwork Detox patches is very popular with newcomers to foot detox as well as veteran foot detox customers because it is much cheaper compared to many other similar foot detox products.
Qty: Box of 1 (Total 20 plasters)
Price: US$38.49
Product of Hong Kong

takara detox foot pads


Takara Natural Tree Extract Detox Patches
Top Japanese Seller! Improve body circulation and expel toxins from the body when applied to sole of feet. See toxins expelled from body every morning with your own eyes! (See Article for more information about detoxification)

Takara Foot Detox patches is very popular in Japan as a routine detox treatment.
SN: BPR0007
Qty: Box of 2 (Total 50 plasters)
Price: US$79.99
Product of Japan

detox patch samples

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