Detox methods
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Detox Program by Dr. Janet Starr Hull

Detox Program by Dr. Janet Starr Hull
The 10 Step Detoxification Program can remove:

  • Radiation Poisoning
  • Heavy Metals i.e. mercury
  • Food Chemicals i.e. aspartame
  • Pesticides / Yeast / Mold
  • Microorganisms
  • Alcohol toxicity
  • And more!

A Medical Doctor's opinion of detoxification

Detox (detoxification) is a term that's came into popular use in the last decade or so but only within the realm of alternative or holistic Western medicine.

Conventional, mainstream (allopathic) medical practitioners have yet to latch on to this concept, since they're only trained to treat diseases and symptoms specifically without treating the patient as a whole.

However, the concepts associated with detox have been recognized and practized in traditional Chinese (and other Asian, e.g. Indian Ayurvedic medicine) society for at least 3,000 years.

Basically, detox is about:
1) Recognizing that the body is exposed to toxins in the environment through the food we ingest and the air we breathe;

2) Adopting a systematic approach to help the body cleanse itself of these toxins and avoid further exposure to toxins.

Detox methods include dietary changes, fasting, supplements, exercise, yoga/meditation, improving the environment (using CFC-free hairsprays, for example), New Age methods include aromatherapy, salt bath, skin brushing, etc.

Do I believe in detox? Well, most of it is plain simple commonsense - proper diet, judicious supplementation, adequate rest, exercise, stress-relieving techniques.

I always believe that if the person's energy fields are harmonized and balanced (yin & yang), then his health will generally be good. I also believe that physical health follows mental and psychical health. So I'm a believer in the holistic (Western or Eastern) approach to health.

But I draw the line at certain things. Colonic cleansing to me is unacceptable and downright dangerous - people have died from colon perforation, water intoxication, severe infections. The human intestines are self-cleansing - there's absolutely no need to do anything else except eat a healthy, balanced diet. Of course certain herbs and supplements may help someone with intestinal problems like dyspepsia, indigestion, wind and irritable bowel syndrome.

As for treatments like sauna, foot baths, aromatherapy, etc, I feel the effects are psychological more than physiological. If you feel good after a good long soak in the bath, then you'll probably be more relaxed, less stressed out, get better sleep, and generally have better health. So no harm there.

Massages and spa treatments basically also do the same thing. Spirit, mind & body must be in alignment for total well-being, a concept that's only recently recognised in the West, but has been acknowledged in India and China for millennia.

This article is contributed by Leong Y.H., M.D. Dr Leong is a western trained medical doctor with a keen interest in Oriental medical methods. You may republish this article provided you give credit to the author and a link back to this website.