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About Us
We are a group of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) enthusiasts keen to introduce quality health and medical products from the Orient to the rest of the world. We always knew that Oriental traditional medicine has enjoyed good patronage in the Orient for thousands of years and has been trusted by Asian families for many generations. Oriental medical treatment is also enjoying increased interest and attention throughout the Western world. This is because Oriental medicine is based on herbs, is non intrusive and does not cause further complications or side reactions.

We source only the better brands and products that had seek to marry ancient medical formulas with modern, quality controlled manufacturing methods.

At the same time, we ensure that you are getting genuine pain relief products on the internet at a cheap, affordable and best price and not take advantage of your unfamiliarity with Oriental pain relief medication!

Rest assured that we use these products ourselves on a daily basis! We do practize what we preach! Most of our products are as common in homes in Asia as much as asprin and dettol can be found in a western home.

There is also no health risk for our customers as all our online pain relief products are applied externally and no oral ingestion of any sort is required.

Why Pain Relief Products?
In Asia, more and more people are turning to Western medicine for an increasing wide area of illness and sickness. However, when it comes to pain and ache treatment and management, Asians continue to trust and rely on ancient Oriental treatment methods including accupuncture, accupressure, Tu-Na, reflexology, Ba-Guan, ointment, plasters, detoxification, scents and other age-old traditional methods.

Western medicine is yet to provide an immediate and effective treatment for pain and aches. When pain and ache occur, we want to relieve it as soon as possible! Oriental medicine is still the best and preferred method when it comes to pain and ache treatment.

We know our products work because of many of our online customers who initially may try small orders often continue to order more and more. We also see an increase in orders from gyms, dojos, performing groups, clinics and massage and reflexology practitioners.

How are orders handled?
We have a small warehouse for products that we sell through the internet including products that you see in this website. Once we recieve your order through the internet, the following takes place:

1. Your order is processed within 24-48hrs.
2. Your order is packed in protective materials
3. Your order is shipped off via your preferred shipping agent
4. We await your next order :-)

Contact Us
We welcome your contact anytime. Email is always preferred. Kindly write to this email address.

You may also contact us via Yahoo or Skype IM.

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Our mailing address is: Blk 105 Boon Keng Rd #05-07/08 Singapore 339776.