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Pain comes from the Greek word,"poine". It means a penalty or fine. Indeed, pain can be a real penalty, as in the USA alone, 100 million people suffer from chronic pain; penalizing businesses and government to the tune of 70 million workdays or 60Billion US dollars yearly!

Everyone, young or old, sick or healthy, can benefit from the positive health effects from the ancient Chinese art of Qigong!

Chinese QigongQigong is an ancient Chinese art that is very close but not exactly like the more famous Tai Chi. Learn how you can benefit from Qigong by practising for just 10-20 minutes a day using techniques and methods that are suitable for anyone from 7 to 70 years old. Techniques in this book has been refined from the ancient methods to suit the modern busy lifestyle. Click here to Learn More About Qigong!

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We understand pain. Lower and upper back pain, knee pain, chronic muscle ache and pains, neck and shoulder ache, calf ache, ankle pain, arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain, sporting injuries, training pain; we had it all. And we understand that till today, there is little or no fast or immediate pain relief treatment that modern medical science can offer even with the best money.

A person who suffers from pain also develops other physical complaints, often resulting in loss of self-esteem, depression and anger.

Why is there so much pain?

Pain, ache and sprain is common for athletes, extreme sport enthusiasts, military and law enforcement personnel and martial arts practitioners. No pain, no gain as the saying go.

Arthritis and pain is also common as one ages; a testament to the slow and sure aging process. Pain of all sorts starts to appear once one reaches age 35 and above.

Pain is also a part of modern living; mental stress leading to chronic headache, bad TV and computer posture leading to neck, shoulder and back pain and high heels and tight shoes leading to ankle and knee pain.

Common Pain Areas

back pain relief
Chronic back pain

neck and shoulder pain relief
Neck and shoulder ache

arthritis and chronic painArthritis Pain Relief

Why Western Pain Relief methods may not be ideal for treatment of pain

Western medical science emphasize on oral medications, injections or even surgeries for pain relief treatment. Often times, these 'scientific methods' do not provide immediate pain relief and are invasive to the human body. Over time, the pain is not cured, there may be side effects and long term treatment can be costly and not necessarily effective.

It is also common to hear of complications and other side effects as a result of pain relief treatments in a western clinic or hospital.

Testimonial from a satisfied customer

Thank you for your help with this product (Ammeltz Yoko Yoko). You provide great customer service, and I will definitely use your company again.

M. Purdy

Cirque du Soleil Alegria

Oriental natural pain relief methods

The Chinese and Japanese has practised hard labor in agriculture and had practised tough martial arts over the centuries. They have developed natural pain relief methods and products over the centuries that provide immediate pain relief and are non invasive to the body. These methods include herbs, accupuncture, accupressure, reflexology, massages, herbal plasters, herbal scent and herbal ointments. You will notice that all these methods are natural, herbal and non-invasive to the human body.

Oriental pain treatment methods treat and cure pain fast and naturally. There are no invasive methods nor long term side effects. If you believe in holistic treatment, especially with so many unknown and unproven pharmaceutical drugs nowadays, then, do look closely at Asian pain treatment products. Buy Now!

We share your pain

Even if you suffer from chronic or constant pain; never despair. There is hope for pain relief. Please read our articles on natural and quick pain relief methods so that you can understand better about pain relief and apply the right or appropriate solution to your problem.

We do not advocate pain killers. We strongly believe oral and injected pain killer are not the only answer to your pain problems. Instead, be sure to try our oriental herbal medicated patches and ointments that can greatly help with your pain problems using natural herbal formulas. These pain relief products offer cheap, immediate, fast and practical long term chronic pain relief.

Other Unconventional Tips with our herbal patches and ointment!

  • Have a chronic headache or migraine? Buy a pain relief plaster and then cut small pieces and apply them on the temple and forehead where it hurts. Feel the pain disappear!
  • Can't sleep? Try the above method too! (Works for about 50% of people who try this method)
  • Having menstrual cramps or pain? Try applying Yoko Yoko Ammeltz directly. (Asian women swear by it!)
  • Need to study, work or stay alert all night? Apply Tiger Balm ointment under the nose and temple. (Now you know the secret of how Asian students always score well in exams!)
  • Suffering from arthritis or joint pain? Try the herbal detox patches! (Works for many old folks)

Customers from all over the world buy our pain relief products

Our customers are from all over the world and most were frustrated with their existing pain treatment methods and were anxious for cheaper, faster and better pain relief alternatives.

Our pain relief products are strictly used for external treatment and will not conflict with whatever current treatment you may be undergoing nor will they cause adverse side effects. In fact, most of the time, our herbal patches and ointments work with your on-going treament to provide fast and immediate pain relief.

There are absolutely no minimum amount to buy for our pain relief products. Buy as little or as much as needed. And we do not add any 2-5% credit card surcharge so common in other online retail websites. It really does make sense to purchase a few pain relief patches or ointment to keep at your bedside drawer so that you are always ready when pain strikes you or your family.

We promise fast shipping to relieve your pain as fast as possible. All items are shipped via priority airmail and include all handling and shipping charges. You will be able to track your purchases on the internet as it travel round the world to reach you.

Many customers come back to us again and again once they discover the effectiveness of Oriental pain treatment and relief methods. Our regular international customers have also discovered that we are also one of the cheapest pain relief retailer on the internet. Please email us if you have any questions.

Buy your pain relief products now; before the next pain attacks!

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Disclaimer: Please note that packaging design, price and contents may change from time to time by the manufacturer. We make no medical nor scientific claims on these products. While all care has been taken to ensure that these products are certified safe for use in their originating country, customer purchase at their own discretion and we cannot be held responsible for any discomfort nor reaction to the products. Children under age of 6, pregnant ladies and patients with chronic illnesses should refrain from these products. Please read instructions on packing carefully before use. Products are strictly not meant for oral ingestion nor for use with any kind of open wound. Please stop use immediately if there is discomfort or doubt about the product.

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